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I'm having a problem with WebStorm only when working with files that are on a mapped drive. I can work with / save files with no problem, but I do get an error prompt saying Could Not Save Project: null.

This happens if I either work in a director or project on a different drive. I have sufficient rights on that drive. Files save fine, but are followed by the error. I have tried completely creating a project on a remote drive instead of having moved it from local, and still receive the same message.

I am a Mac installation, and the files are on a Windows 2K8 box.

All other editors (textmate, aptana, vs) do not give me any indication that I have problems saving to this drive, so it seems to be localized to WebStorm.

WebStorm is on the latest version.

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Mapped drives are strictly unsupported by WebStorm. Please file an issue with idea.log attached at so that this problem can be investigated by WebStorm developers.

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As CrazyCoder says, its unsupported. I'm having the same problem with PhpStorm and posted this:

The response from jetbrains:

Directly opening project from remote/mapped storage is unsupported. Use "new project from existing files" wizard to create a local copy and set up auto sync.

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