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I googled, followed all the instructions but still stuck, and unable to create a home ftp server.

My internet is from dsl modem -> vonage router -> wifi router

FileZilla server ip is and it works fine when tried from command prompt. But I need it to be accessible from outside.

I enabled ftp on wifi router's web settings page using virtual server setting.

I am stuck at this point, I don't know what else to do further. Any help is greatly appreciated.

share|improve this question is an internal IP not to be used outside your machine. Are you trying to set up a public facing FTP server? or only internal to your home network? –  MauMen Jun 21 '11 at 14:45
I am trying to set up a public ftp which I can use from anywhere in the world –  gangt Jun 21 '11 at 18:01

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This pretty much summarizes your needs(via lifehacker.com)

If you're FTP'ing across your home network (like from your upstairs PC to your bedroom PC), you can reach the server by using its internal network address (most likely something like 192.168.xx.xx.) From the command line, type ipconfig to see what that address is. If you want to log into your FTP server over the internet, set up a memorable URL for it and allow connections from outside your network. To do so, check out how to assign a domain name to your home server and how to access your home server behind a router and firewall.

Original Article

How to assign a domain name to your home server

How to access a server behind a router and firewall

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Also, if you are planning on accessing your server remotely, (not in your network) you will have to enable port forwarding on your router. (Use the ip address of the machine running the server and use port 21) Otherwise, you only be able to connect while in your LAN.

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You need to be able to access your internal network from the internet. Consider using a service like dynDNS if your router supports it.

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