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I'm trying to build an application with WT which on one end must communicate with some other software through a socket, and on the other end notify every opened session (the WApplications).

The thing is, I can make it work, using a WSocketNotifier to be notified of new events on the socked BUT the WSocketNotifier is linked to a particular session. In its constructor it does :


And that's a problem because I have only one socket, not one for each session. So I feel the WSocketNotifier should be attached to some more general entity, not linked to a particular session. Is there a way to do that?

The only solution I see for now but it's not very elegant is to have a static WSocketNotifier and replace it when sessions die ...

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I know nothing of WT, but can you create a "dummy" session just for the purposes of handling the socket notifications, and forward to the real sessions from tehre? Or roll your own notifier that sessions can subscribe to?

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in your main(), create a thread that processes the data from your socket. With select, blocking read, ... Then use WServer::post() to notify your sessions that data arrived on your socket.

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