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I am working with Jython to automate deployments in WebSphere. I am wrapping my py script with a shell script to pass needed variables for WAS's built-in functions.

The stock call with hardcoded values looks like this:

AdminControl.invoke(appManager, 'stopApplication', 'ApplicationName')

I want to replace ApplicationName with my variable and still retain quotes but can't figure out the syntax.

MyAppVariable= sys.argv[3]
appManager = AdminControl.queryNames('cell=wsapp2Node01Cell,node=TARGETNODE,type=
AdminControl.invoke(appManager, 'stopApplication', 'MyAppVariable')

Can anyone help me please?

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Wait, wat? If you put it in quotes, it's a string literal. If you don't, it refers to a variable. If you want to refer to a variable, leave out the quotes. Say, why do you want to "retain quotes"? –  delnan Jun 21 '11 at 14:54
I agree with delnan. And the answer would be: AdminControl.invoke(appManager, 'stopApplication', sys.argv[3]) –  Martin Thurau Jun 21 '11 at 18:51

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It looks like the answer is as simple as the following:

AdminControl.invoke(appManager, 'stopApplication', MyAppVariable)

Does that work? If not, what does it do?

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