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in above site when selecting option in dropdown box right to search box in header options are going behind the header image or logo in IE-7 I think it the Z-index problem i am facing this problem again and again and didnt get any effiecient solution yet please suggest me the solutions

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See ie7 z-index problem and http://brenelz.com/blog/squish-the-internet-explorer-z-index-bug/.

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I'm on a ferry typing this on my phone, so I can't test your link, but...

In all browsers, z-index is relative to the nearest stacking context. In FF, Chrome, IE8, stacking context is most often created by having positioning (relative or absolute) and a z-index. In IE7, only positioning is needed to create a stacking context.

What this means is that in IE7, z-index only applies up to the nearest parent with any position property set.

To make all browsers behave like IE7, for sanity, add "z-index: 1" to any element that also has position set to "relative" or "absolute"

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Background information for this bug: IE7 Z-Index issue - Context Menu

A solution specifically for your case and the exact way you have your page at the moment:

  • On #header-bar, add z-index: 9999 (or whatever number, I just picked that for convenience)
  • On #mainpage, add position: relative.

And here's a live version showing a version of the fixes in action, check it out with IE7:


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