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In my ASP .NET web application, when I first navigate to the login page, I do not see a Set-Cookie header coming back in the response from the server. I expect to see one that looks something like:

ASP.NET_SessionId=efypn5ihkam3pdcuucmbykvi; path=/; HttpOnly

Here is my sessionState config entry in the web.config:

<sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="false" timeout="480"/>

I've cleared my cookies in my browser, then navigated to the login page. No Set-Cookie. After I log in to the application, it does send a cookie back for session tracking.

Other apps I've built work fine...this one is giving me trouble. Any ideas?

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Usually, the session state isn't started until you create your first session state variable, which usually begins with authentication (after logging in). Unless your deliberately creating a sessionstate variable on the login page request, you shouldn't see one until you actually log in.

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