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I have an app (written using MonoTouch and currently working) that I want to add landscape orientation to. I am using a UITabBarController.

I don't see how to create a controller that will allow me to override the "ShouldAutorotate..." method. Can anybody point me to an example using a UITabBarController in MonoTouch?

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TweetStation contains a sample precisely for this setup, and propagates the rotation down all of the nested view controllers.

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Are you subclassing UITabBarController?

You are probably non subclassing and just adding a vanilla controller in Interface Builder. You have to subclass to override that property.

First make a new class like this:

//Test this, it's off the top of my head
public class YourTabController : UITabBarController
    public YourTabController (IntPtr handle) : base (handle) { }

    public YourTabController (NSCoder coder) : base (coder) { }

    //Override should rotate
    public bool ShouldAutoRotateToInterfaceOrientation(UIInterfaceOrientation o)
    { return true; }

Then, if you already have a UITabBarController in IB, there is a 'Class' property that you set to the name of your new class.

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