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I am quite new to programming and will really appreciate if anyone can help me..Thanks

Question: My dropdown list in my web project is holding value of a person name in 'DataTextField' and it is holding person's ID in the 'DataValueField'

so if I want to print the value of the DataValueField what shall I do?

What I did:

Dim PersonID as String = DropDownPerson.DataValueField

but the above code is returning the column name and not the value of the column.

Please help !

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Dim PersonID as String = DropDownPerson.SelectedValue

Just to clear something up - DataTextField and DataValueField are used by the dropdown control (and databinding) to describe which fields to use as the display value and identity value for a selected row.

SelectedValue holds the actual value of the field named in DataValueField for the selected row.

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Thanks a ton! It works. –  Ash Jun 21 '11 at 16:19
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