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Am i able to print a certain area with actionscript-2 , i have an old flash presentation which i need to add such a functinality to it , i can't switch to AS3 ,

in AS3 this could be done easily like this

var printArea:Rectangle = new Rectangle(0, 0, 600, 850);
var printOptions:PrintJobOptions = new PrintJobOptions(false);
myPrintJobObject.addPage(myMovieClip, printArea, printOptions, 1);

does anyone know any workaround with AS2 ?

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This is a really simple example that will hopefully help you:

var printJobObject:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
printJobObject.addPage(myMovieClip, {xMin: 0, xMax:0, yMin:0, yMax:0});

Also if that doesn't help there is more information about it here: ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference

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