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This is the one feature that I'm missing from GitX. Is there any such client out there?

What I mean by cherry-picking is the ability to include only certain rows in a commit. Like crecord, but with a nice GUI.

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As TortoiseHg is available for Linux, I expect it to run on Mac OS X, too. Cherry-picking can be done with the extension "transplant".

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transplant does cherry picking of changesets from one branch to another, but the request is for line-by-line not changeset by changeset. TortoiseHg can do that to, but it does it with a 'stash' like feature. –  Ry4an Mar 28 '12 at 15:54

Atlassian's SourceTree seems to have cherry-picking as well. Haven't had the time to try it out yet though.

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