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I have a SVN repository with the following layout:

             /[et cetera]

                        /[et cetera]


where there are ~60 branches and about 17000 revisions in the whole repository. Unfortunately, local convention has been to keep svn:mergeinfo information on the somedir directories, rather than the root of the branch. This has created some difficulties when trying to use parsing tools like Fisheye, and migration tools like git svn and the hg convertextension.

I can, of course, use svn move and reorder everything correctly - but I'd really like to do that over history, so that the conversion tools work more sanely. Do I have to write a custom tool for this, or is there a way to do this with svnadmin and svndumpfilter?

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svn move is ok with history. But merges between branches will became difficult. (find why moves and renames are problematic in svn). I have similar problem and I wait until there was only trunk and reorganized repository structure in that moment. Merge-info (you can copy merge info from somedir to trunk. It is just svn properties.

I havent tried svnadmin tools, if You have succed with it let me now :)

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unfortunately, my repo will never be in a state where just trunk exists; we support multiple releases simultaneously. Too bad! –  Dan Davies Brackett Jun 22 '11 at 15:18

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