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I have a test case class like this one:

import unittest
import sys

class Test(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_a(self):
    def test_b(self):
    # etc

if __name__ == "__main__":

This is a file in eclipse using PyDev. I run it as unittest. Somehow the verbosity option does not trigger. There are no errors. What do I miss?

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I figured out, that the Answer is in the eclipse configuration and not in the source code.

Open Preferences -> PyDev -> PyUnit and adjust the Parameters for test runner field. change --verbosity0 to --verbosity2 or whatever number you like. Unfortunately I don't know, how high you can set this.

As @Jace pointed out in the comments the verbosity-levels range from --verbosity0 to --verbosity9.

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The same preferences menu says you can "hover for description" of each parameter: 0: almost no output 9: many details – Jace Browning Feb 8 '13 at 21:13

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