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Is it possible to have Devise not worry about passwords at all? I am experimenting with it in a Rails app that will use only OpenID for authentication and nothing else. I don't want to store anything related to passwords in my database. Does Devise have to use passwords or is there a way to configure so it doesn't have to worry about it?

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devise module Database Authenticatable. as github says its responsible for

Database Authenticatable: encrypts and stores a password in the database to validate the authenticity of a user while signing in. The authentication can be done both through POST requests or HTTP Basic Authentication.

Maybe you want to not include this module in you User model. Also im guess if you dont want to store password, than creating your own registration/authentication process is a great idea. See Ryan screencast about it, should be enough, just cut the part with password.

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Take a look at this. I'm not sure if it requires passwords or not. I don't have experience with this myself.

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