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I'm starting a new WPF MVVM App and I'm trying to get an idea how to handle validation "better than I have done before" - before I used IDataErrorInfo on the model and viewModel. It worked ok but it was difficult to extend later on and needed lots of manual wiring in most cases. I'm sure that IDataErrorInfo is still a good way for hooking up the ViewModel validation but I would like to have a go with the Enterprise Library to validate the Model but is there a way to actually validate one property at a time instead of a whole object?

Or is there some other clever way to use the config generated by EL?

Any ideas or other suggestions?


I think I found something more or less what I've been looking for: (from http://entlib.codeplex.com/discussions/233057)

Type type = typeof(Customer);
PropertyInfo property = type.GetProperty("Name");

string ruleset = string.Empty;
var source = ValidationSpecificationSource.All;
var builder = new ReflectionMemberValueAccessBuilder();

Validator validator =
        type, property, ruleset, source, builder);

ValidationResults results = validator.Validate(customer);

But that would mean that my ViewModel has to work on a model instance rather than doing something like:

private string name;
public string Name
   get { ... }
   set { ...}

It looks like I have to work on a model instance or validate in the ViewModel layer - which I was hoping to avoid.

... or am I missing something really well-known and obvious to most people ... ?

Any suggestions welcome.

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So, you don't want to validate in the ViewModel nor the Model? You have to validate somewhere. IMHO, start writing hacky code and worry about "the correct way" later. –  jberger Oct 6 '11 at 14:29
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