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This is something I am curious about since I learnt how to invoke an url and get a http response so I could parse the results in my application. Something like what Chris M says here:

Now what I am wondering is how can I post a form that I download in this way, filling in the fields of the form.

I don't really need this for my work, it's just to kill my curiosity as a programmer :)

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The easiest way (in C#) to simulate a form post with values:

using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
    NameValueCollection fields = new NameValueCollection();
    fields.Add("foo", "123");
    fields.Add("bar", "abc");
    client.UploadValues(address, fields);

Just for completeness, jQuery can do it more efficiently again...

$.post(address, { foo: "123", bar: "abc" } );

If you want to inspect the html to create your POST, either use WebBrowser and automation, or use the Html Agility Pack to look at it.

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WebBrowser and automation I will not consider because when i will try to "play" without any user interface. client.UploadValues looks like the easy way to do what i have in mind :) thanks – Sergio Mar 13 '09 at 15:58

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