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Hi I am using codeigniter for file uploading and I am using this code

echo form_open_multipart('controller_a');
echo form_upload('userfile');
echo form_submit('Upload','upload');
echo form_close();

I store the pointer to the uploaded file in the database, My question is how do I make sure that the user has selected a file before clicking on upload button because as of now the code submits even if the user clicks directly on upload without selecting a file

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Along with client side verification, you should use server side verification, too. Currently, CodeIgniter does not provide a function, so one can use native PHP function is_uploaded_file:

if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['myfile']['tmp_name']))

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You can't, not in CodeIgniter at least. You'll need to have JS overwrite the onsubmit property of the form and then test the userfile input's value.

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use JS

very basic code, but it works.

<script type="text/javascript">


function validate_form ( )
    valid = true;

        if ( document.upload_form.something.value == "" )
                alert ( "Please select a file before clicking upload ! " );
                valid = false;

        return valid;



and use onsubmit even in the form

onSubmit="return validate_form ( );"

when a user click on upload button without selecting any file, it will alert the user .

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Your best bet is to use a jQuery plugin like the following:


This will allow you to select what input values will need to be selected, and customize a message to inform the user what field(s) they are missing.

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