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I'm fairly new to VC++ and MFC, so bear with me. I have created a new dialog, and I want to figure out how to display it when the user clicks a button.

I have not create a class or header file for the dialog -- I tried using the class wizard, but it pretty much sucked and didn't work. That, or I was doing something wrong. Either one is equally as likely if you ask me.

So what steps do I need to take when creating the source/header files and getting the dialog to launch/display? It is a modal dialog.

CLARIFICATION: I understand that I need to create an instance of the dialog class, then just call DoModal() on it, but I'm not sure how to create the class file (with and/or without the wizard).

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  1. Right click the project and select Add | Resource...
  2. Select Dialog under Resource type and click New.
  3. Select Project | Add Class...
  4. Enter CMyDialog for the Class name, CDialog for the Base class and Click Finish.

Read more: How to Make MFC Dialog Boxes

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This solved it. I had done everything you mentioned, but I didn't name my class correctly. I was trying to add in the "C" manually before my class name because I had seen it in my other dialog class files. Woops! Thanks though, Dave! Much appreciated. –  Jon Jun 21 '11 at 20:27

Seems to me you can make the button click just create a new instance of the dialog object and activate it. You'll probably have to keep a reference to the dialog so it doesn't get killed when the button action fxn returns it doesn't get garbage collected..

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I think I know how to create an instance of the dialog and call DoModal()...it's mostly the class creation that I'm unsure of. –  Jon Jun 21 '11 at 19:59

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