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I set up an EC2 instance using the Rubber gem. I'm trying to use Redis/Resque to create a zip file. The command works fine when I run it from a Rails console, but when Redis/Resque tries it gets a permission denied error. I'm assuming that Redis/Resque is running as another user, not sure how to easily solve this – if the Rubber config could be modified to bump up the permissions or etc.... Any advice appreciated....

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run the whoami command to see what user its running under – Colum Jun 22 '11 at 2:04

If you're running it on the remote console, you're likely doing it with root. Rubber starts resque workers up with the app user so it's a restricted account. You need to modify the permissions for wherever you're trying to create your zip file such that the app user has write permissions.

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How can you do this with Rubber? And another question -- should you give the app permissions to write all over the disk? – uv. Dec 6 '12 at 9:08
Sorry. The permissions would either be in your local project or set up a task to modify permissions post-deploy. E.g., config/rubber/deploy-passenger.rb does something to this effect. – nirvdrum Dec 19 '12 at 2:08

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