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Note: Please don't answer with just use Adobe AIR". I am aware of it, and it's not applicable in this situation.

I've been reviewing the Gecko Plugin API reference.

I'm assuming I'd have to implement all the required browser-side functionality. My goal is to be able to access the graphical output of Flash at a low level, in order to integrate them into an application, along with other native code. Adobe AIR is a future possibility but performance is nowhere near good enough yet for this project.

Does anyone know of an open-source project which acts as a NPAPI plugin host? I suppose alternatives are to extract the necessary bits from WebKit, etc.

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Yep, check out ScreenweaverHX:




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Thanks, exactly what I needed! Of specific interest to my question was this file: code.google.com/p/screenweaver-hx/source/browse/trunk/src/… –  Mark Renouf Mar 15 '09 at 16:50
Can you share simple example howto host flash in standalone aplications? It will be very greate. Thx. –  vinnitu Dec 8 '10 at 21:07

nspluginwrapper implements browser-side npapi to make a proxy allowing 32-bit plugins to be used in 64-bit browser, and has fewer lines of code than a browser, could be a good starting point if you want to implement it.

also maybe unrelated but aiming at similar environment is chromeless, a derivative of Firefox which is a lightweight browser which doesn't have an interface, useful to make a desktop app out of html, javascript and plugins.

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