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A very strange issue here. On windows 2008r2 I created a MySQL 5.5 table that has a column host_guid as bigint(20) unsigned. I store a value in there. I read the host_guid value into a win32 c++ app using mysqlpp library. When I read the value in as an unsigned __int64, it is just 0. If I read in the value as a string, I get the correct value, but when I try to use something like istringstream to covert it to unsigned __int64, I get a different number (as if it's chopping off the most significant bit). If I write a sample program with this number as a string and try to convert it to an unsigned 64-bit number, it works fine. Also, if I dump the mysql database, move it over to windows 7 and run the same binary that reads the database, it works great. Do you think there is memory corruption or different library versions that are causing this? I am stumped.

To summarize:

Windows 2008r2 MySql 5.5.11 64-bit Value trying to be read: 15216036968564760613 Using mysqlpp to read in as sql_bigint_unsigned Result: 0

This works fine on my Windows 7 machine with same binary, same database data, and same mysql binaries. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated as I have been working on this "simple" bug for over a day.

-- UPDATE -- Here's a sample that works on win7 but fails (selects 0) on win2008r2:

#include <mysql++/mysql++.h>
#include <mysql++/ssqls.h>

1, 0, 
mysqlpp::sql_bigint_unsigned, host_guid);

int _tmain()
mysqlpp::Connection conn(false);
conn.set_option(new mysqlpp::MultiStatementsOption(true));

if (conn.connect("db", "localhost", "r", "p"))
    mysqlpp::Query query = conn.query();
    query << "select 15216036968564760613 as host_guid"; 

    std::vector<test_item> items;
    for(int i = 0; i < items.size(); ++i)
        std::cout <<  items.at(i).host_guid << std::endl;
return 0;


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UPDATE -- if I statically link libmysql.lib, mysqlpp.lib and the runtime (/MT), then it works fine. It seems like everything is pointing to some fault or incompatibility in the c runtime libraries on windows 2008r2? Sort of like in one spot the data is determined to not fit in signed 64-bit (big int) even though in my database and application i'm using bigint unsigned. –  Ben Jun 22 '11 at 12:52
nice find. Posting this as an answer and marking the question as answered would help others. If you feel like it you can also report the bug and point'em to this thread. –  Henrik Erlandsson Mar 19 '12 at 8:17
I wouldn't say I have an answer, just a work around. I believe I already submitted this bug to mysql last summer when it occured. –  Ben Mar 20 '12 at 12:55

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