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In .Net C++, I want to write the serial input to a textBox on the UI. But of course the serial input is on another thread. I am guessing that I need to pass in a delegate to the serial thread when I create it to run the function below called updateTextBoxes. I tried making a delegate as below but I am stuck at what I need to put in the argument list when the delegate is created. This is all in my Form1 class.

       public delegate void MyDel();

        void updateTextBoxes()
           this->local_long_textBox->Text = "Test!!!!!!!"

private: void startUp()
       MyDel^ DelInst;
       DelInst = gcnew MyDel( ??? what goes in here?
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you would pass the arguments that are required for the constructor

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Oh I get it, I pass in the this pointer for the instance and Form1::testFunc for the second argument. Great thanks! – user758362 Jun 21 '11 at 22:12
So I can now create the delegate and build it, but how do I use it. How does one pass in the delegate to a class I invoke. Whatever I try gets compile errors. – user758362 Jun 21 '11 at 22:45

Call Invoke or BeginInvoke on the text box passing a delegate that sets the Text property.

Invoke will execute the delegate on the thread associated with the text box. BeginInvoke does the same but asynchronously.

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