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I'd like to learn how to use these packages, but I cannot seem to find any vignettes that offer something other than extensive code snippets. I'd like to learn about how they all fit together and something akin to a "walk through".

I've found some examples on the web like this series: but I'm after something a bit more in depth (like the vignettes / examples in the package "PerformanceAnalytics"

Any sources?

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Guy Yollin at the University of Washington teaches a class which covers some of this in the new Computational Finance program over there---his lecture notes on quantstrat/blotter can be found at:

Lastly, recall that these are all packages written by busy volunteers so if documentation is missing ... so maybe you'd want to contribute some yourself?

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I'd be more than happy to once I can figure out how to fit it together! I'm actually writing some stuff for opensource that download, convert and standardize arbitrary amounts of data directly from data vendor APIs (Bloomberg / Reuters / IQFeed / Exchanges etc) or static csv's for use in these types of packages! Very happy to contribute - that's why I'd like to learn more about how to integrate these packages. Thanks for these links and your work on R in general, Dirk! – n.e.w Jun 22 '11 at 0:21
+1 for Yollin's lecture notes on quantstrat. They've been incredibly helpful in getting the basics of a system going! – FloppyDisk Oct 9 '12 at 18:16

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