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How do i stop an event from being processed or switch what function is called for it?

Revised Code:

from Tkinter import *

class GUI:
    def __init__(self,root):
        Window = Frame(root)
        self.DrawArea = Canvas(Window)

        self.DrawArea.bind("<Button 1>",self.starttracking)

    def updatetracking(self,event):
        print event.x,event.y

    def finishtracking(self,event):
        self.DrawArea.bind("<Button 1>",self.starttracking)

    def starttracking(self,event):
        print event.x,event.y
        self.DrawArea.bind("<Button 1>",self.finishtracking)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    root = Tk()
    App = GUI(root)
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You can simply just call bind() again with the new function for the event. Since you are not making use of the third parameter, add, in bind() this will just overwrite whatever is already there. By default this parameter is '' but it also accepts "+", which will add a callback to the callbacks already triggered by that event.

If you start using that optional argument however you will need to use the unbind() function to remove individual callbacks. When you call bind() a funcid is returned. You can pass this funcid as the second parameter to unbind().


self.btn_funcid = self.DrawArea.bind("<Button 1>", self.my_button_callback, "+")

# Then some time later, to remove just the 'my_button_callback':
self.DrawArea.unbind("<Button 1>", self.btn_funcid)

# But if you want to remove all of the callbacks for the event:
self.DrawArea.unbind("<Button 1>")
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For me, unbinding a single callback wasn't working, but I found a solution.

I can see this is an old question, but for those who, like myself, find this question when facing the same problem, this is what I did to make it work.

You will need to open the source file and search for the unbind method of the Misc class (if you are using eclipse it's easy to know the file's location and the line in which this function is defined by pressing the F3 key when the cursor is over an .unbind function call in your code).

When you find it, you should see something like this:

def unbind(self, sequence, funcid=None):
        """Unbind for this widget for event SEQUENCE  the
        function identified with FUNCID."""'bind', self._w, sequence, '')
        if funcid:

You need to change it to look somethins like this:

def unbind(self, sequence, funcid=None):
        """Unbind for this widget for event SEQUENCE  the
        function identified with FUNCID."""
    if not funcid:'bind', self._w, sequence, '')
    func_callbacks ='bind', self._w, sequence, None).split('\n')
    new_callbacks = [l for l in func_callbacks if l[6:6 + len(funcid)] != funcid]'bind', self._w, sequence, '\n'.join(new_callbacks))

That should do the trick!

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i was having porblems with unbind too! You should get the changes merged! – Arden Aug 5 '15 at 19:19

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