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I am working with Webpart in VS2010. I am trying to see if there is simpler way to extend AppearanceEditorPart so that only Title is visible when the webpart is selected in edit mode

Thanks CSS

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I guess there is easier way to implement the above requirement. All I was trying to do was create an editorpart that would show only the title box so that people can only update the title of the webpart being edited. I figured out that the best alternative is, is to use PropertyGridEditorPart. This webpart is ideal in situation where you want to allow user to set customized property for a webpart. Here is documentation from microsoft website:


In my case i created following property and webpart framework took care of rest!!!!

WebDisplayName("Web part Title"),
WebDescription("Description of property.")]
public string WebPartTitle
  get { return this.Title; }
  set { this.Title = value; }


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