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I use capistrano to deploy my app to a machine that uses memcache. I want capistrano to clear memcache when it deploys a new version of the site.

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Take a look at this:

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Thanks for the late, but good advice! – MikeN Feb 27 '10 at 15:48

Something like that?

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I found that I couldn't start memcached using the Capistrano recipe you linked to. Then I found this: That worked for me. – mj1531 Dec 14 '11 at 23:15

Don't know capistrano, but can't you just kill the memcached process and spawn a new one? Better probably for removing fragmentation also.

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capistrano is deployment automation tool, so that restart would also be done by capistrano. – vartec Mar 13 '09 at 16:33

This, by Susan Potter looks pretty good

# 2007 Copyright Susan Potter <me at susanpotter dot net>
# You can read her software development rants at:
# Released under CreativeCommons-attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license:
namespace :memcached do
  desc "Restart the Memcache daemon"
  task :restart, :roles => :app do

  desc "Start the Memcache daemon"
  task :start, :roles => :app do
    invoke_command "memcached -P #{current_path}/log/  -d", :via => run_method

  desc "Stop the Memcache daemon"
  task :stop, :roles => :app do
    pid_file = "#{current_path}/log/"
    invoke_command("killall -9 memcached", :via => run_method) if File.exist?(pid_file)
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