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I notice one line code in spree library:

label_with_first_letters_capitalized = t(options[:label]).gsub(/\b\w/)#{$&.upcase}

could someone tell me what does "$&" mean ? thanks!

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Here is a reference to some of those special variables allowed in ruby. Basically, this one returns whatever the last pattern match was.

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In my testing, it appears to be the last match that gsub got. So for instance, if I have this:

"Hello, world!".gsub(/o./, "a")

$& would be set to or, because that is the last match that gsub encountered.

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$& is the string that was matched by the last successful regex. For example:

foobar = "foobar"
regex = /b.{2}/

if regex.match(foobar) then
    puts $&    # -> bar
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