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This might be a very small question for SQL and Crystal Experts.

For e.g. I have a Table of Names

ID    Name
1     John Smith
2     Boris Berker
3     Alex Mathew
4     John Abraham
5     Melisa Estate
6     Willam Schweizer

Now in crystal report I just want to display lets say ID-1,4 and 6.

How can I do it. I will get the final IDs to display in C# List. But then how to pass it as parameter to crystal reports.

I use selection formula of crystal reports.


where {Name.ID} is SQL Column and {ID} is crystal report parameter, but then it would display all the records. Is there a way such that I can pass my list to ID parameter of crystal reports.

I hope I am clear.

Thank you in advance

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First of all in your Crystal Report you will need to amend your parameter to accept multiple values:

Crystal Params

In your Selection Expert you need to use a formula and have the following:


Then in your C# code you will need to iterate through the C# List and add each value to the Crystal Report parameter using AddCurrentValue

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