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I am looking for suggestions for an interface name.

The interface is for the primitive CRUD methods that will be defined later in the DAL, however I need to use it in a lower-level API. The interface itself will just have the four members, Create(), Read(), Update(), and Delete().

I am currently thinking something along the lines of IDataAccessPrimatives, but am very ambivalant on that name. What do you gals/guys suggest?


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I'll go with IDataAccessOperation/IDataAccessService.

This clearly shows the responsibility of the interface.

Another options is to replace Service with Manager in the later option.

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How about ICantBelieveItsNotButter ?

Or, ICanReadUpsideDown?

Or, (more seriously), IPersistData

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Drop "Primitives."

I'd go with IDataAccess unless you need to differentiate from another "primitive" DAL interface.

Use the most straightforward names possible for your commonly used interfaces.

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The only problem that I have with that is that I feel that as we move forward and actually start designing the DAL that this interface will be part of a larger interface for data access. –  David Williams Mar 13 '09 at 16:31

It sounds like you're using the Table Data Gateway pattern. How about ITableDataGateway or IGateway or some other derivative?

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ICrud. Seriously. Why not? Every developer out to know what CRUD means.

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