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How can I run a command that is located in a folder using a text file. Here is the command

C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp>makecab/f directories.txt

currently I am able to run upto this path "C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp" using notepad by using the following as a notepad content

cmd /k "cd C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp"

But i'm not able to run the makecab/f directories.txt from notepad. how to modify the notepad content so that the makecab/f directories.txt will execute automatically without manually typing the command in run window?

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I assume you want to be able to run the above command using a text file?

That does not make much sense, but maybe due to your English level, I can try to answer your question

  1. Open a new notepad text file.

  2. Type the command you want to run:

    C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp>makecab/f "C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp\directories.txt" 
  3. Notice that you need to specify full path for directories.txt because since you will run this command from somewhere else, you would need to make sure the path is correct.

  4. Save the file as SomeFileName.bat notice that you must save it with .bat not .txt otherwise, the file will not be executable. Also, make sure Windows is not hiding known extensions to avoid having your file named: YourFileName.bat.txt.

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There are two ways of solving your problem.

If you want the command window to remain open after finishing the job, then change this line:

cmd /k "cd C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp"

to this one:

cmd /k "cd C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp & makecab/f directories.txt"

Alternatively, though, you could have the command window close automatically upon completing the batch script. In that case replace your command with these two lines:

cd C:\Program Files\GAPS\XML Forms\CSurvey\temp
makecab/f directories.txt

Note the absence of cmd /k. The command window will automatically open when you start the script and it will stay open while the script is executing.

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