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I wonder if it possible to make a game by c++ with directx(in GFX) so that it could be put in my web (php , asp.net, java or other I don't care about the web language or technology, you chose one for me) and be played online or I have to change something directx or C++. if it possible tell me how? thnx in advance

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If you mean browser based, I'm not sure it's possible with C++. You might want to look into webGL.

If you're feeling very adventurous, I am aware of an open source project that is essentially a .NET to JS compiler. You can check it out on github here

If you mean "online" as in a MMO type of game, or a game that is played over a network, (but not in a browser), then obviously it is quite possible, I don't know the specific libraries you'd use though.

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browser based applications with C++ are possible with Google Native Client, but its still doubtable that Google NaCl will get popular... especially now, since WebGL is here.. –  smerlin Jun 22 '11 at 9:53

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