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I want to write a Junit test for my dao, but I have a problem. Here is the method I want to test:

 public boolean boo(final String param) {
            final Query query = this.entityManager.createNamedQuery("queryName");
            query.setParameter(1, param);
            boolean isExists = false;
            if(query.getResultList().size() != 0) {
                isExists = true;
            return isExists;

The problem with this method is :

query.setParameter(1, param);

When I write something like :

    public void test() {        
        when(query.getResultList()).thenReturn(new ArrayList());


The query and entityManager are mocked. I have NPE, and this is not a surprise, and I cannot call the method because the query is and interface. So could somebody tell me the best way to set parameters in NamedQueries while testing?

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What are you trying to test? I seen no assert's. And where do you get your query from. if query is mocked you should not get a NPE. If you want to test the actual query you are creating an integration test where you usually have to setup your DAO's completely without mocking. –  joostschouten Jun 22 '11 at 8:29

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You're supposed to be creating a mock of the Query interface like this...

public void test() { 

    Query query = mock(Query.class);



Maybe you forgot the double quotes around the String literal "queryName". From your code I cannot see where the variable queryName is defined on the last line above.

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