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Ok I want to build a simple chat app where people can go a url, type in a name and a message and click submit and it will basically show that message to everyone that is current connected.

Firstly i would like to state i've had zero experience in sockets programming and the like. I'm simply a web 2.0 person building websites with css/html/js/ajax and backend i have on vb and sql server for database.

The many tutorials i've read linked me to

I've downloaded it, but im totally lost. i can't get the samples working and i don't even know what to run.

So basically coming from an ajax background, i was wondering why do we even need to download any additional stuff to do web sockets? I mean in ajax i can simply create a asd.aspx file and use Response.Write(text) (text based on the input which are available through dissecting the url) and voila, the server side is done, all that's left is just to create new XMLHttpRequest and stuff in the client side.

So ok I'm not worried about the client side part of Web Sockets. but the server side part of web sockets is just difficult. so in the client side i have this: ws://localhost:8080/websocket. Is it true that it will work if is also an .aspx file as such: ws://localhost:8080/websocket.aspx ?

I'm wondering so how do i continue from here? in Ajax i will supply parameters from client in the url as such: page.aspx?a=1&b=2 and do output in the server using Response.Write it's all clear but how do we do it in web sockets?

I mean of course i do not demand a full explanation with a forum reply but if someone could link me to a tutorial/book that actually does explain these stuff it would be great.

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what are you trying to achieve? it sounds like you are trying to re-invent the wheel for no good reason. If I didn't use open source third party libraries and insisted on writing my own implementations every time, I don't think I'd manage to deliver anything to my clients before their patience ran out and they fired me! – Adam Ralph Jun 22 '11 at 6:30
Why don't you look at the source code of ? – JeremyWeir Jun 22 '11 at 6:32
the documentation page is empty i've had no idea how to even implement it and fit everything together in one big picture. it's like everyone already know what to do with the download but i don't. i've got zero experience in socket programming. my only experience is web 2.0 with html5/css/ajax and aspnet + sql server as backend – Maple Jun 22 '11 at 6:36
there are samples in the source code, they might help – Adam Ralph Jun 22 '11 at 6:40
So, what do you want? Do you want to implement the Websockets protocol yourself? If so, read the associated RFCs. But as @Adam said, there is no good reason for doing so. If you only want to know, how to USE superwebsockets, you should ask exactly that. – Daniel Hilgarth Jun 22 '11 at 6:40

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Microsoft's implementation has a full chat client sample for both HTML5 and pure C#.

I'm guessing this implementation is what would end up in ASP.NET and .NET framework so I'm using it because of that.

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