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< project name="ant-in-eclipse" basedir="."  xmlns:ant4eclipse="antlib:org.ant4eclipse" xmlns:antcontrib="antlib:net.sf.antcontrib" default="compileAndJar">
  < import file="a4e-jdt-macros.xml"/>
  < ant4eclipse:jdtClassPathLibrary
      <fileset dir="../IBMLib">
        <include name="lib/**/*.jar"/>
        <include name="plugins/**/*.jar"/>
        <include name="feature_packs/jpa/plugins/**/*.jar"/>
        <exclude name="feature_packs/jpa/plugins/**/"/>
  < ant4eclipse:jdtClassPathLibrary
      <fileset dir="../IBMLib">
        <include name="web2fep/**/*.jar"/>
        <include name="web2fep/optionalLibraries/jaxrs/*.jar"/>

  <target name="compileAndJar">
    <buildJdtProject workspacedirectory="." projectname="wfn-ws-client">
        <jar destfile="deploy/wfn-ws-client.jar">
          <ant4eclipse:jdtProjectFileSet workspacedirectory="."

I am getting an error called

[javac] 46. ERROR in /data/temp/ANT/PSFBUILD/wfn-ws-client/src/com/adp/wfn/reporting/myreport/ (at line 1)
[javac] //
[javac] ^
[javac] The type package-info is already defined
[javac] ----------

Can any one please help me on this

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This seems to be a bug report that has been filed for this. Perhaps this is of help for you. You might also try to trigger another build through ant, or perhaps look into the nesting of your directories.

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