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I defined below property in property file.

<b>Profile 1:</b> <br> Only the market(s) selected above

I set this in bean profile1

<h:outputText style="font-size:12px;" value="#{bean.profile1}" />

But result is

<b>Profile 1:</b> <br> Only the market(s) selected above

Can please anybody help how to give break and bold
in property file?

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Use escape=false in the h:outputText:

<h:outputText style="font-size:12px;" value="#{bean.profile1}" escape="false"/>

Otherwise all special characters are escaped during jsf processing.

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Thank you Handy. I have given same to select items. Is there any error? <h:selectOneRadio id="profiles" layout="pageDirection" value="#{bean.selectedProfile}" style="font-size:12px;"> <f:selectItems value="#bean.profiles}" escape="false"/> </h:selectOneRadio> –  venkat Jun 22 '11 at 8:12

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