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I want to know that can I get the selected text by user at time when user is Selecting it from EditText.Is it possible to do it Please Help Me...

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Create this file called package;
public interface SelectionListener
    public abstract void onSelectionChanged(myEditText et, int selStart, int selEnd);

Then in your main function, implement SelectionListener, then declare your variable

myEditText et;

And in your class myEditText, include this function:

public void onSelectionChanged (int selStart, int selEnd)
    super.onSelectionChanged (selStart, selEnd);
    if(selectionListener != null)
        selectionListener.onSelectionChanged(this, selStart, selEnd);

You then include this function in your main function:

public void onSelectionChanged (ScrollWrappedEditText et, int selStart, int selEnd)
    selectedtext=(""+getText()).substring(getSelectionStart(), getSelectionEnd());
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