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Simple case:

public class MyClass
  public Action<double> MyAction;

public class AnotherClass
  public void MyAction(double value)
    // ...

As I get both AnotherClass.MyAction(..) method and MyClass.MyAction delegate through reflection, I end up with a pair of MethodInfo/FieldInfo classes where I can't hookup the method to the delegate. Also I get both the method/delegate names from a string, I can't access the instance fields/methods without reflection. Can anyone give me a hand in this, or is this sort of a hook-up possible at all?

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You should look at Delegate.CreateDelegate, in particular:

MethodInfo method = typeof(AnotherClass).GetMethod("MyAction");
FieldInfo field = typeof(MyClass).GetField("MyAction");

AnotherClass obj = // the object you want to bind to

Delegate action = Delegate.CreateDelegate(field.FieldType, obj, method);

MyClass obj2 = // the object you want to store the delegate in

field.SetValue(obj2, action);
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That was real fast, and works sweetly. Thanks for the help. –  Teoman Soygul Jun 22 '11 at 7:27

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