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I am running Eclipse 3.6. I used to have two options in the context menu when right clicking a project in any perspective - One would open Windows explorer in the folder the project is located at and the other would open a windows command prompt in the folder the project is located at.

Not sure why but for some reason I don't see these options anymore. I tried looking for them under "Customize perspective..." but couldn't find it anywhere.

Anyone knows how to restore these two options?


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Eclipse itself does not have this function. So, I think you were using a plugin. I searched the eclipse plugin site, I think you can try this:


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Why thank you. I don't remember using a dedicated plugin for this although I do use to play around with plugins so this was probably exposed through one of the ones I have uninstalled like you say. I tried the one you provided and it seems to be doing what I'm after so thank you again. –  Joly Jun 22 '11 at 9:46

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