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I am trying to get the cleaned_data for each form in a formset, using a normal iteration (just like what shown in Django documentation):

MyFormSet = formset_factory(form=MyForm, formset=MyBaseFormSet)
my_form_set = MyFormSet(request.POST or None, initial = my_data, prefix = 'myform')

After that I'm validating and trying to iterate through each form and print it values like this:

for f in my_form_set.forms:

But the result that I get is somekind like this:

<QueryDict: {"myform-0-field_a" : "this is a", "myform-1-field_a" : "this is second a"}>
<QueryDict: {"myform-0-field_a" : "this is a", "myform-1-field_a" : "this is second a"}>

I was expecting to get individual pair of key and values, but instead, for each iteration, I get the whole thing of POST data.

I was expecting something like this:

Iteration 0:

"field_a" : "this is a"

Iteration 1:

"field_a" : "this is second a"

Where do I miss?


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That is indeed what you should get. I think you need to post the form and formset classes, and the full view. – Daniel Roseman Jun 22 '11 at 8:12

The labels each form field have needs to be unique, otherwise there is no way telling from which form what data came. "myform-0-field_a" , "myform-1-field_a" are the keys/labels The browser send you all fields in one post.

since f.cleaned data seams to be a subclassed dict this will probably work

    for k, v in f.cleaned_data.items():
        print k.split('-')[-1], v

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Thanks. but it seems like the same. Each iteration it display the whole thing (form 1 data and form 2 data) :(. – djangouser Jun 22 '11 at 7:52

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