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I have the following code

taskDataProvider = new ListDataProvider<TaskHeader>();  
ListHandler<TaskHeader> columnSortHandler = new ListHandler<TaskHeader>(

//Some other code that modifies the list in taskDataProvider

When I click on the column header the ColumnSortEvent is fired but upon inspection I can see that the list in columnSortHandler is empty. Any modifications made to the taskDataProvider list have not been reflected in columnSortHandler. Am I missing something?

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The example here seems to be exactly what you are looking for. From what you're showing of your code, I would say you are missing the comparator

        new Comparator<TaskHeader>() {
          public int compare(TaskHeader t1, TaskHeader t2) {
            return o1.field1.compareTo(o2.field1);

Also, when adding or removing data to your dataProvider, make sure you do not set a new list but add or remove data instead. Otherwise your dataProvider and listHandler will not be working with the same list ..

Don't :



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thanks! The second part of your answer helped me! – Noya Jul 12 '11 at 10:00

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