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There is something I couldn't solve: when I search a specific node in a XMLList containing several level of hierarchy, filter never search in the top parent node.

For example, if I have a tree like this:

<node id="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO" parentId="">
    <node id="a0KQ0000002PT8iMAG" parentId="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO" />

and if I made a reseach like this:

var aNode = ac_hierarchy.source..node.(@id == "a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO")[0];

I will get no results, "aNode" will be null :/

Any idee ?

[EDIT] There is something else I can't understand (and I'm searching for 2 days :/):

I recursively add nodes to the ac_hierarchy using the method bellow:

private function add_item_to_hierarchy(node:Node_vo):XML {
    var firstNode:XML = ac_hierarchy.getItemAt(0) as XML;
    var parentNode:XML;     

    if (firstNode.@[Node_vo.att_id] == node.parentId)
        parentNode = firstNode;
        parentNode = ac_hierarchy.source..node.(@[Node_vo.att_id] == node.parentId)[0];

    var test:XML = ac_hierarchy.source..node.(@[Node_vo.att_id] == node.parentId)[0];
    var test2:XML = ac_hierarchy.source..node.(@[Node_vo.att_id] == "a0KQ0000002PT8iMAG")[0];

    newXmlNode = node.toXML();

    // Add the current node to his parent node

The first time I call the "add_item_to_hierarchy" with "node.parentId" parameter equals to "a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO" method, ac_hierarchy looks like:

<node id="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO" parentId="" />

var test:XML is filled.

var test2:XML is not filled.

It correctly appendChild.

The second time, "node.parentId" parameters equals to "a0KQ0000002PT8iMAG" and ac_hierarchy looks like:

<node id="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO" parentId="">
    <node id="a0KQ0000002PT8iMAG" parentId="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO"/>

var test:XML is filled.

var test2:XML is filled.

It also correctly appendChild.

And the third time, "node.parentId" parameters again equals to "a0KQ0000002PT8iMAG" and ac_hierarchy looks like:

<node id="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO" parentId="">
    <node id="a0KQ0000002PT8iMAG" parentId="a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO">
        <node id="a0KQ0000002PTL9MAO"/>

var test:XML is NOT filled.

var test2:XML is filled.

But this time, var "test" is null (although "node.parentId" value is the same as previous loop and test2 is correctly fill) !!!

I will soon break my computer :/

Thanks for your help.

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Please provide the whole XML with assigning to ac_hierarchy variable. Because of now I can suggest you should use var aNode:XMLList = ac_hierarchy..node.(@id == "a0KQ0000002PTN5MAO")[0];. –  Constantiner Jun 22 '11 at 12:42
@Constantiner: Here is the declaration of my ac_hierarchy variable: [Bindable] public var ac_hierarchy:XMLListCollection = new XMLListCollection(); Unfortunately, using your sample give me the error bellow: 1119: Access of possibly undefined property node through a reference with static type mx.collections:XMLListCollection. –  pfevrier Jun 23 '11 at 7:30

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Yes, xml selectors don't check root node, but there are workarounds:

  • Get your parent node into proxy XMLList and search it:

    var list:XMLList = new XMLList();
    list[0] = <node id="1"/>;
    var results:XMLList = list.(@id == "1");

  • or just check parent node separately and add to search results.

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This probably works but my aim was to search through the entire hierarchy with only one operation. It seems there is no way :/ –  pfevrier Jun 23 '11 at 7:36

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