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I have a problem using the facebook-ignited package.

Webserver: MAMP + OSX 10.6.7 / PHP: 5.2.13 ( access via "local domain" [etc/hosts - local.mydomain.de, virtual host in MAMP/apache] )

Codeigniter Reactor: 2.0.2 CIBonfire: 1.0.1 Facebook-Ignited: 1.0.4


$config['fb_appid']        = 'XXXXXX6';
$config['fb_secret']    = 'XXXXXX';
$config['fb_cookie']    = true;
$config['fb_canvas']    = '';
$config['fb_auth']        = '';[/code]


 class welcomeFacebook extends Front_Controller{
     function getMe(){
         // The fb_ignited library is already auto-loaded so call the user and app.
         $this->fb_me = $this->fb_ignited->fb_get_me(false);    

         if (isset($this->request_result)){
             $content_data['error'] = $this->request_result;

         $content_data['me'] = $this->fb_me;
         $content_data['fb_app'] = $this->fb_app;
         $this->load->view('welcome_message_fbignited', $content_data); // the default facebook_ignited view template


The result is an infinite Loop with Chrome and Safari, both when logged in at facebook already or not...

oauth (www.facebook/com/dialog) 302 Found
uiserver.php (www.facebook.com/connect) 302 Found
oauth (www.facebook/com/dialog) 302 Found

fb_get_me() (Fb_ignited) fails permanently, because $this->CI->facebook->getUser() does not return a user, so it redirects over and over again. I figured out, that there is no signed request. And that getUserFromAvailableData() (base_facebook.php) fails to get user data.

The app-id and app_secret are fine, because i tested it with the javascript-sdk and it all worked well.

How can i debug this? Is there a debug option for php-sdk / facebook-ignited? Or is it a codeigniter-cookie/session related problem? (Or is it something else? ;))

Thanks in advance for your help!


PS: 3380417 did not help.

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Are you using Facebook Connect? –  freshnode Jun 23 '11 at 17:02

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The problem was caused because of the clean urls (without index.php) with htaccess:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php?/$1 [L]

I have 2 solutions now:

config.php - enable query strings

| Please note that some of the helpers won't work as expected when
| this feature is enabled, since CodeIgniter is designed primarily to
| use segment based URLs.
$config['enable_query_strings'] = TRUE; 

Or if you don’t want to enable it global, paste this to your constructor or method:


I do not know if this causes some security issues…

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I will be looking into adding this into the next version of Facebook Ignited if that is alright? –  Necromnius Oct 22 '12 at 3:59

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