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I am trying to learn using MonoTouch. I am basically trying to create something similar to the sms message application that is built into the iphone.

I want the Edit button and a add button within the root element. Is this possible?

Im creating the root element like

var root = new RootElement ("My Items");
Section section = new Section();
foreach (var item in GetData()) {
    var element = new RootElement(item.ItemName,0,0) {
        new Section(item.Description)

What do I need to do to add the 2 buttons and load the different views?

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Where on the UI do you want the two buttons? On the NavBar? on a Toolbar? – Robert Kozak Jun 22 '11 at 21:39
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You are probably adding the root to a dialog view controller,

var dv = new DialogViewController(root,true);

In this case, just initialize the buttons for the navigation items of the view controller

dv.NavigationItem.RightBarButtonItem = new UIBarButtonItem("Edit", UIBarButtonItemStyle.Plain,null);

and so on and set up event handlers for dv.NavigationItem.RightBarButtonItem.Clicked.

That should do it!

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