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I'm creating a usercontrol for editing an address class. The address class implements Inotifypropertychanged and has properties such as street, zip, code etc.

Then I have a customer class that holds an address class.

I want to create a usercontrol for editing address such that I bind the addresscontrol to the customer's address property. The address property should then be updated when I change the address in the user control.

<UIComponents:AddressControl  Address="{Binding Address, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

Address is a dependency property. The property on the customer class also implements inotifypropertychanged, but the set is never called. I suspect that this is because the actual object isn't changed just a subproperty.

So how do I get it to call the setter when the object changes?

Regards Morten

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Inside your Customer class, hook the Address object's PropertyChanged event to a handler we'll call ReflectPropertyChanged. ReflectPropertyChanged will call NotifyPropertyChanged on your Address member.

If you do this don't forget to implement a PropertyChanged handler in your Address dependency property that removes the handler from the old value when a new Address is set.

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So basically I need to listen in the parent class for changes to the address class child property Address, and then do PropertyChanged(this, new...) on the Address property? – Morten Jul 4 '11 at 19:47
Yes, that's pretty much it. When a property change occurs in your Address object, you want to reflect that into a property change on your Address property in the Customer class. – Ed Bayiates Jul 5 '11 at 4:13

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