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My server is using a GRID. we have 3 nodes [any one of them could execute my script when i kick off the autosys job ]

Now my problem is if am trying to stop a job from running if it is already running. My code works when i see the scripts is executing on the same node [i mean the first instance and the second instance ]

ps -ead -o %U%p%a| egrep '(ksh|perl)' | grep -v egrep| grep \"perl .*\"

is there a way, PS could list all instances of the processes from all nodes in the GRID.

please help!!

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you have a 'GRID' which can start jobs on different nodes, but has no job control? strange, to say the least... – pavel Jun 22 '11 at 12:38

You can create a start.flag file in a common location. Keep the below conditions:

if the flag exists, then the flag will be removed and the script will be executed. After completion of execution, the script will touch that flag again.

if the flag does not exist, the script will just exit saying that its running.

Best luck :)

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Remember, the flag needs to be created manually for the first time. – BluE Sky Nov 12 '11 at 17:34

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