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I have a simple need : I have defined a C++ class

class MyClass: public QDeclarativeItem
    MyClass(QDeclarativeItem * parent=0);

    QList<QString> mList

And of course, I've registered it : qmlRegisterType<MyClass>(...)

I want to access in the QML code to my QList<QString> mList. How can I do it?

It annoys me as it looks like a simple problem, but I can't find anything about this. (I can create a Q_INVOKABLE slot, but I can't read the results, etc...)

Edit : QML supported Data Types

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I don't think that QList is a supported data type for Qt's QML binding. I've had similar problems interfacing between C++ and JavaScript using the QtWebkit Bridge.

If possible, try using a QVariantList instead of a QList. Although this is technically a typedef for QList<QVariant> I think it should work.

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According to this: QList C++ sequence types are supported transparently in QML as JavaScript Array types – johnbakers May 13 '14 at 2:40

If you need a custom type in your list (not just strings or other basic types) there's QDeclarativeListProperty for that case.

But it's more complicated, see

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