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i'm creating a facebook-app for university project and i'm trying to store all my friends in the DB. By using the API-syntax "me/friends" i get a facebook-respond looking like this:

{"data"=>[{"name"=>"Albert Einstein", "id"=>"11111111"}, {"name"=>"Max Mustermann", "id"=>"222222222"}, {"name"=>"Just Another Name", "id"=>"333333333"}]}

I believe its a json-object, but i'm not sure.

Question: How can i save the data, i need a DB with all the User-IDs of my friends.



Hey, this is what i have searched for. But i still get an error and don't know why. My code:

def insert_1
fb_friends = rest_graph.get('me/friends')
fb_friends[:data].each do |f|
  @friend = Model.new(:name => f["name"] )

I get an Heroku error (We're sorry, but something went wrong.)

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You have two options -

Option 1-

You can create a friends table which will belong to users table. If a user has 200 friends, it will create 200 entries in friends table all belonging to the user via has_many-belongs_to relationship. For storing data, you just have to iterate over facebook friends hash and then save each of them separately
Pros : You can search for any friend separately.
Cons : There will be so many of friend entries. Saving them will take time, if somebody has many friends(say 500-700). Repeating entries will be created for mutual friends.

Options 2

You can add a friends column in your users table and declare this in your user.rb

serialize :friends

This way, you just have to pass a hash object to friends attribute of user table, and rails will save that in yaml format for you. When you will do @user.friends, rails will again convert that yaml formatted data to hash object and return it.
Pros : There will be only one query to save all users. You can iterate through this hash to show list of all friends.
Cons : You can't update them separately, you will update all together. Not good if you want to store some other information in relation to user's friends.


as per your code example above

  fb_friends = #your logic to get data as shown above.
  fb_friends[:data].each do |f|
    @friend = Friend.new(:name => f["name"],:fb_user_id => f["id"] )#creating Friend model obj.
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thx rtdp for the fast answer. i want to do it like option 1. but i need only the "friends" table not a second. my idea is to have no duplicate entries by using "validates uniqueness". My problem is exactly the iteration through the json-"hash" of facebook. I think I have to use an each-block? Or do i have to convert the json to an other format before saving to DB? Can you give me en example code? Sorry, i'm really new in ruby on rails. –  Michi Jun 22 '11 at 11:09
updated my answer for code example. you this solved the prob, then accept this answer meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5234/… –  rtdp Jun 22 '11 at 11:16

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