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I'd like to develop a small plug-in for web browsers, namely Chrome and FireFox. Which one is easier† to develop for a first projet? I am very unfamiliar with this space as I spend most of my days coding server-side Java.

†: Easier in my context means:

  • shallow learning curve
  • least amount of additional tooling required
  • a Java like syntax, i.e.: JavaScript
  • solid API documentation

If it matters, here is the goal of my plug-in:

  • find an image tag in a page with a specific tag. Example: <img src="bobisyouruncle.jpg" findme="found" />
  • send the image to my remote RESTful web service
  • overlay an image onto the above image (or replace it)
  • allow simple configuration and storage for authentication against the web service

Answers from folks with direct experience coding for both browsers are greatly appreciated.

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Chrome. It has a fast and easy learning curve. Start here: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/getstarted.html . The built in development tools allows you to debug your own code in a matter of a click. And ctrl+r actually refreshes your extension code.

Firefox extensions are much more complex and harder to develop. You will need to set up a development environment with many custom settings and "developer's extensions" and it will be very hard to actually debug your code.

Update: an interesting real-world blog post comparing Chrome, FireFox and Opera extension building: http://blog.nparashuram.com/2011/10/writing-browser-extensions-comparing.html

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+1: thanks for presenting an answer with details –  Stu Thompson Jun 22 '11 at 10:33
Is this still the case in July 2014? –  Calculemus Jul 16 '14 at 3:30

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