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I am working on a iPad application which need to identify its related application is already installed in the iphone/ ipad. If it already installed in the device, i had to launch it from my application.

Can we do search in client iPad as the requested app have installed or not?

How to launch another application from my application.


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No you cannot search for installed applications, but you can open another app via a custom URL scheme. There is no guarantee that there is not another app handling that particular scheme, though.

You might as well think about sharing data using the keychain.

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You can ask the system if it can open a custom URL scheme, that way you can check if an app is installed. – rckoenes Jun 22 '11 at 10:48
@rckoenes Well, sort of. You can only get the information if any app will open that scheme. – Eiko Jun 22 '11 at 11:29

You cannot directly check for the presence of another app, and you cannot directly launch another app.

But if the other app supports an URL scheme you can use -[UIApplication canOpenURL:] to check whether that URL scheme is supported (and thus the app is installed, if the URL scheme is sufficiently unique). You can then launch the other app via -[UIApplication openURL:].

If you need to exchange data that's too big to be passed via an URL parameter, use a UIPasteboard (if both apps are from you).

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