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I've got a very simple form on an HTML page I've done which works as follows. There are 2 buttons on the page "calculate" and "reset" The user inputs 3 numbers and when they click "calculate" it add's the values together and also calculates 1%, 2% and 3% of each number (and add's those values together too). The output is displayed in a table which looks something like this:

input %
input %
input %
total total
calculate reset

Now my rather annoying problem is that I have replaced the buttons with images and since I've done this, once I click 'calculate' the values do not stay populated in the form and rather annoyingly in FF the page "refreshes" and skips back to the top too! What am I doing wrong? Here's the JS:

var sInput,dInput,pInput,inputTotal,sMonthly,dMonthly,pMonthly,sAnnual,dAnnual,pAnnual,monthlyT    otal,annualTotal;

function takeInput()
document.forms[0].spendtotal.value="£ " + inputTotal;

function isNan() 
    if (isNaN(sInput || pInput || dInput) == true) {
        alert("You entered an invalid character. Please reset the form.");
    else {

function calculateMonthly()
if (pInput >= 300) {
//rounded up numbers to the nearest whole number
//i.e. .5+
document.forms[0].supermarket.value="£ " + Math.round(sMonthly);
document.forms[0].deptstores.value="£ " + Math.round(dMonthly);
document.forms[0].petrol.value="£ " + Math.round(pMonthly);
document.forms[0].monthlytext.value="£ " + Math.round(monthlyTotal);

function calculateAnnual()
    document.forms[0].supermarketAnnual.value="£ " + Math.round(sAnnual);
    document.forms[0].departmentstoreAnnual.value="£ " + Math.round(dAnnual);
    document.forms[0].petrolAnnual.value="£ " + Math.round(pAnnual);
    document.forms[0].annualresult.value="£ " + Math.round(annualTotal);


And here's the code from the form:

<input type="image" src="calculate-btn.gif" onClick="takeInput();calculateMonthly();calculateAnnual();">

<input type="image" src="reset-btn.gif" />

Weird thing is, if I don't use images then the form stays populated with the output and the buttons work fine. Please be gentle, I am a total Javascript Noob.


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I think the image button is acting as a submit button and posting the form to the server. Try this:

<input type="image" src="calculate-btn.gif" onClick="takeInput();calculateMonthly();calculateAnnual();return false;">

The return false will cancel submission of the form.

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brilliant that worked a treat. Thanks for your help. :) – Kiz Jun 22 '11 at 10:54

Put an id on the numeric field you are interested in:

<input type='text' id='num1' ....>

Then in the javascript function var num1=document.getElementById('num1'); And you can't be wrong. I don't suggest you to use the references you made, because if the form change (as you add another form), the references change.

Hope it helps

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I'd change your inputs to actual images

<a href="#" onclick="takeInput();calculateMonthly();calculateAnnual();">
    <img src="calculate-btn.gif" />
<a href="#">
    <img src="reset-btn.gif" />

Your other option would be to add return false; to the end of the onclick attribute.

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Not good practise. The browser doesn't know they're buttons which, for one thing, will mean you can't tab to them using the keyboard. – Tim Rogers Jun 22 '11 at 10:53
@Tim - Point taken. I've updated my answer. – Ash Burlaczenko Jun 22 '11 at 10:59

It is because your image acts like a submit button.

Add a return false; to your image onClick attribute!

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