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I've a problem with dojo.connect when i try to connect a dijit button to his 'onclick' method if the button is part of a TooltipDialog content.

This code doesn't give me errors, but it seems not to connect the event (so if I click at the button nothing happens).

dialog = new dijit.TooltipDialog({
            id: dialogPrefix + dialogId,
            content: content
if (closeOnBlur) {
    // stuff
} else {
    dialog.setContent('<div class="closePopupWrapper"><button dojoType="dijit.form.Button" type="button" id="closePopup_' + dialogId + '" >X</button></div>' + dialog.content);
    dialog.getChildren().forEach(function(w) {
        if (w.id == 'closePopup_' + dialogId) {
        //------------THIS CONNECT DOESN'T WORK
            function(e) {
                if (this.open) {

debugging, i can see that w is the correct dijit button that i need to connect.

Any ideas?

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You need proper case on the event name, and that should be it:

dojo.connect(w, "onClick" ....

For regular DOM nodes, like a , the case doesn't matter. But since a dijit Button's click event is just a javascript function in the Button class, proper case is required.

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